About JNL Marketing Group

JNL Marketing Group leads the way in innovative marketing strategies that provides companies with measurable and accountable results. Every business owner and organization desires an online presence in the midst of an overwhelming amount of competition in today’s world. They want to be #1 in the search engines and they want people to notice who they are and take action! This is a fair enough objective – after all, you are in business primarily to make sales, make money, and grow your business. So if sales stop, so does your business. The goal is to get more people interested in your business instead of your competition. This is where JNL Marketing Group can help.

Many business owners we meet spend countless amounts of marketing dollars without even knowing if their efforts are working. It makes absolutely no sense to spend money without knowing that your efforts are working. We have seen our fair share of marketing mishaps where the “cheap” or “free” web and marketing platforms were going to be the answer to the expensive websites and platforms which generated no activity, sales or interest.

After 20+ years of being an entrepreneur, business owner, and a sales and marketing professional, I knew there was something missing. That is why JNL Marketing Group is here. Our company is dedicated to 100% measurable and accountable marketing. We are not focused on branding! (We realize that this is the most conventional form of marketing fed to us, however, it is simply not the best way to effectively market your company) Instead we prefer to use a proactive approach called direct response marketing. With direct response marketing we always look for measurable results whether we are sending a direct mail piece, or utilizing organic search results in the search engines. By embracing this concept we are not so concerned about creating a well-known brand, but are more interested in finding buyers who are directly interested in your product or services and then cultivating that relationship so that they buy.

Once our clients realized that we could quantify our marketing results for them and they were measurable, they wanted to use us in a broader sense and more comprehensively. They saw us as the experts because we were helping grow their sales and grow their business.

Our incredible staff at JNL, which includes a team of web developers, SEO & social media experts, writers, and designers all work together seamlessly to provide outstanding results for our clients. Our commitment to our clients is to never rest on “yesterday’s techniques,” but to advance in innovation, so that we can continue to offer our clients sound advice for their marketing strategies.